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Mission & Vision Statement

About Salam

Salam Group of Schools is an Islamic co-educational institution strategically located at Aba Alfa/Gbagi off Olorunda-Aba road, Akobo, Ibadan. Salam Group of Schools opened on the 10th day of September 2012 with only 33pupils. It gradually grew to 100 within two terms. Salam Group of Schools is not just another school. Our hope and strength is the Almighty Allah (SWT). We stand out to oofer a complete form of education to the society. The school programmes are carefully structured to produce the best of man kind; who would excel in learning and character. In addition, our products would be nurtured to develop in an Islamic Culture that would help them succeed in this world and in the hereafter. For this purpose, the school curriculum has blended the Western Education with the Quranic and Islamic Studies.

Our Vision

Caring parents and the society at large need islamic schools where children would be properly nurtured to develop a complete personality, self confidence, sense of service to Allah and humanity, love and respect for others, quest for knowledge and life long learning, decency and a genuine passion for excellence at home, school and in the society

Our Mission

The school is highly committed with the strong belief in providing a sound, qualitative and up-to-date total-child education within the Islamic framework. Each child is seen as unique and so inspired, right from early childhood to aspire and actualize his/her desired goals. The children would be mindful of Allah (SWT), the satan (the accursed) and the Sunah of the Holy Prophet Mohammed (SAW), finally becoming successful in this life and in the hereafter.

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