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Interest is cheap but passion is priceless, anybody can develop interest in a venture but such is often short lived. Passion is rooted in conviction, only those that have found purpose will adhere to a dogged pursuance of a dream and experience fulfillment and satisfaction at every step along the way.

I unassumingly bring to light the reality of a dream conceived sixteen years ago in the corners of my heart. It looked so lofty at that point, only the divine inspiration of Almighty Allah could have made me see its birth and growth as at then. I say this because by physical standards, talking about finances, strata and status, I was not qualified for the task. No sooner had I proposed in my fickle heart to give up the dream than Almighty Allah made me realize that he does not call the qualified but the available.

The establishment of Salam Group of Schools is rooted in passion that is why we have recorded great strides and still forging on. Anything can prompt the initiation of a project but the genuity of purpose is determined by continuity. When I say continuity I mean progress and resilience in the face of challenges. In setting up this destiny factory, I stepped out on the right foot; I got my motives right so we have success stories to tell today.

Permit me to blow the horns of our success because we have gained medals of endurance, won trophies of resilience in the face of diverse challenges, awarded plaques of discipline and wear emblems of sacrificial commitment to the vision. We can flaunt all these prestigiously today in the face of our drive for greater attainments. At this point, Insha Allah SGS is unstoppable.

The academic purpose of the establishment of SGS has over the years been given due attention. The school as a matter of policy makes the recruitment processes of teachers stringent so as to get not just qualified but dedicated teachers into the work force, teachers that have something to offer beyond academic responsibilities given to them. Salam Group of Schools offers s platform for all to express their originality therefore you cannot afford to be a mediocre. Nevertheless, we motivate our teachers so they could be spurred to work and produce results.

It is also noteworthy to say that prayers and adequate monitoring are two potent weapons in overseeing these adventurous boys and girls. Also, one cannot rule out the place of discipline, the bible says when you spare the road, you spoil the child. We do not condone indiscipline in SGS. I must submit that laying the foundations of this vision on a pivotal core value has been a major driving force for success. This is education with Almighty Allahliness.

The vision is all about the moulding of destinies through impartation of knowledge. That is on the superficial level but reaching deep, you will find that in a world wallowing in moral decadence, fusing virtue into academic impartation will make a total man. Education can be perceived as a process of maximizing the potentials of individuals to make them useful to themselves and the society at large. This is accomplished by imbibing desirable characters so as to become an asset to the society. We can thus conclude that education is the best legacy a society can leave for the coming generation.